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On the afternoon of January 11th, 2023, Orient Success International Investment JSC (OSI Holdings) and Song Nhue Asset Management JSC (SNC) held a conference to review business activities in 2022 and the business plan in 2023.

The conference had the participation of members of the BOD of OSI Holdings, SNC, Dai Nam Tien construction investment JSC., (Dai Nam Tien), Executive Boards of enterprises and all employees of OSI Holdings and SNC.


At the opening of the conference, on behalf of the BOD of OSI Holdings, Mr. Tran Viet Dzung – Vice Chairman of the BOD cum General Director of the company reported on 2022 business result summary  and 2023 implementation plan. Regarding business result summary in 2022, in the context of the world economic situation evolving rapidly, complicatedly and unpredictably; conflicts of interest and strategic competition among major countries are becoming increasingly fierce; prices of crude oil and production input materials fluctuated abnormally; high inflation and tight monetary policy… But under the leadership, direction and management of business activities flexibly and promptly improvised by the BOD along with the efforts, solidarity – unity most of the staff, in 2022, the business activities of OSI Holdings, SNC have achieved many good results.

Some results obtained:

* Accomplishing financial targets exceeding the approved plan of OSI and Song Nhue Company: Total revenue of OSI Holdings reached 132% (beyond the assigned plan), Cost decreased by 5% compared to the plan;

* Basic completion of rough construction and exterior finishing of 100% of Avenue Garden houses;

* Basic completion of M&A procedures for H2CC1 project, Tay Ho Tay Urban Area Center (Starlake);

Direction of business plan in 2023 of OSI Holdings and SNC

In 2023, the economic – market situation is still difficult and challenging, therefore, in order to achieve the development goals of the business, Mr. implementation, including:

* Consolidate resources, perfect the organizational structure and operate the system effectively;

* For investment strategy: Submit for approval at least 1 new housing project;

* For the implementation of the OSI Tower project (at plot H2CC1): construction of the project will commence in 2023 and is expected to be completed in 2025.

* For the Avenue Garden project: Complete the construction, hand over houses to customers, operate the housing area; Complete the payment, audit the basic construction for the project.


Also at the Conference, the participants had presentations to contribute ideas in the spirit of openness, all comments were constructive, for an organization to grow more and more.


Receiving opinions and summarizing the Conference, on behalf of OSI Holdings and SNC, Mr. Tran Tung Linh – Chairman of the Board of Directors would like to thank the Shareholders, Board of Directors members, officers and employees for their companionship and support. successfully complete the assigned tasks/plans in 2022. Entering the new year, the staffs of OSI Holdings, SNC and Dai Nam Tien will unite to focus on completing the key plan in 2023, ceaseless efforts and innovation in the performance of assigned tasks, contributing to the overall success of the Enterprise.

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